Cyborg Editing Exercise (Part 2)

This week Mr. Martin prepared us further for the upcoming cyborg project. We were tasked to add robotic elements to a geisha's face and back. The process of editing are as follows:
  1. Duplicate main geisha image, mask out skin, apply surface blur and adjust levels.
  2. Merge main image with masked out skin
  3. Use pen tool to cut out a piece of her face, cut it to new layer, add robotic pic between cut-out skin and geisha
  4. Add shadow and texture to cut-out skin, add edges to geisha's face using brush tool in a new layer
  5. Mask out plug image, pinch and place to main file, apply texture to it
  6. Draw oval shape on her back in a new layer and use pen tool to draw skin edges
  7. Fill stroke, load selection and apply mask
  8. Open circuit board pic, resize and place between geisha and masked out stroke lines
  9. Add texture to the lines
  10. As an extra step, I added purple shadows and highlights to the lines and face to make it more colourful and vibrant as a cyborg.
  11. Add radial gradient and apply blending mode that fits. 
Shown below is the before and after of this exercise.

Figure 1.0: Before Edit

Figure 1.1: After Edit

Project 2 (Part B)

Photo Manipulation: Cyborg Edit

 Inspiration and Rationale 

For this part of the project, we were tasked to edit part of ourselves into a cyborg. To be more specific, we have to edit a part of ourselves to have biomechatronic body parts. For this task, I have chosen to edit my face, due to the fact that it'd be cool to have enhanced features to your face, especially the eyes. As a person who as easily tired eyes, it would be nice to have modified eyes so I can be more precise in what I do.

Furthermore, the overall theme I'm going to apply for this task is "Cyberpunk", it's defined as a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology. I chose this concept because in a way, we are dominated by modern computer technology, I wouldn't say I'm against it but I would like to convey that we humans are simply adapting to modern technology and should embrace what it has to offer. Shown below are my research and references of what I'll be doing for this part of the project.

Figure 2.0: Cyborg Inspiration

Figure 2.1: Cyberpunk Inspiration


Project 2 (Part A)

Digital Collage: Self-Titled

 Task and Inspiration 

For this part of the project, we were given the task of making a digital collage with the theme "self-titled" by Mr. Fauzi. Throughout the first 7 weeks of the semester, Mr. Fausi has been preparing us for this project through a series of tutorials. Through those tutorials, we were taught to play arounf with various blending modes on Photoshop, which was fun. Shown below are my inspiration for this project. 

Figure 3.0: Collage Inspo V1

Figure 3.1: Collage Inspo V3