Cinemagraph: Surrealistic Parallax

 Final Outcome 

As a finishing touch, I've decided to add audio to the animated loop, to give it a relaxing and dreamier vibe. Ultimately, I want the artwork to express the main ideas about the dreams we have, such as falling, being in a new place (represented by red planet), having cravings (eggtart) and how our minds just wander off ("head in the clouds"). I hope I have met the expectations of the assignment, and I have enjoyed the process of making this artwork. The final video is shown below.

Due to the fact that this was made with Instagram story dimensions, I've posted this on my Instagram profile, so here's a screenshot of it.

Figure 1.0: Instagram Story Screenshot

 Final Reflections 

The journey I have been on with Mr. Fauzi and Mr. Martin have been really fun yet at the same time, stressful. As a person who constantly strives for perfection, there were countless times where I had to remake artwork until I feel somewhat satisfied. I found myself internalizing and digesting what the lecturers have told me, and I couldn't help but remake stuff. That for me, is quite a problem, I personally think I should keep working on what I already have, instead of trashing an idea to just to come up with a new one. From another perspective, it may be seen as a good thing, but it has destroyed me time and time. With assignments from other modules, I just don't have the time to keep remaking artwork. Nonetheless, I've learnt a lot of new skills and Photoshop techniques from Mr. Martin's practical classes, which will no doubt be utilised in the near future. As for Mr. Fauzi, I am grateful for the opportunity he gave us to express ourselves creatively with no boundaries. Ultimately, it was a good experience.